ANGELA N. CAULEY, Chairwoman and CEO

Angela Cauley is highly successful executive who helped found Halcyon Supply Chain Solutions, LLC, a lead logistics provider with Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certification and Coalescence, LLC, a Columbus, Ohio-based custom food ingredient company, specializing in creating healthy flavorful solutions for food and beverage manufacturers.

Angela, who has over 20 years’ experience in the production and delivery of high quality food ingredients to customers worldwide. She has worked to develop specialized food industry supply chain logistics that have increased the safe delivery of food ingredients to manufacturers and reduced time to market for finished products.

Prior to Halcyon and Coalescence, Angela was with the Mays Chemical Company, where she developed and executed customized “Consolidation Programs” for Fortune 500 Accounts and was recognized as a “Rising Star,” for exceeding sales and gross profit goals.  Prior to Mays Chemical, Cauley was a Sales Manager with Ashland Distribution Company, where she received awards for the “Highest Sales Dollar Increase,” and “Highest Gross Profit Increase.”

Angela, is an Inroads Scholar, who began her career in the Food Industry at Ross Laboratories, a Division of Abbott, while completing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Food Science & Technology from The Ohio State University.  She also earned a Master of Science Degree in Food Science, with a Minor in Nutrition from North Carolina State University.

Angela and her husband, Ian, have two children, Nasir, and Amina, and their dog, Zoro.


Denis Bruncak is a highly experienced chief executive who has held several executive positions with companies in both the After Market Auto Parts and Supply Chain and Logistics industries. Denis is the managing executive of Halcyon.

Denis brings an entrepreneurial spirit to D-Terra that places the customer at the center of everything he and the company does. He leads Halcyon with integrity and optimism. Denis’s believes that you can be successful if you work with your customers in a transparent and collaborative fashion. His personal motto is “Work hard to find a way to “YES”.

Denis is also the founder of BBD Ventures, LLC an operating company that operates D-Terra Solutions, LLC. Denis previously held chief executive positions at Hytec Automotive, a water pump and exhaust system parts manufacturer and RailVan, a supply chain and logistics Company, which was purchased by Pacer International in 2000. At Pacer, he held the position of Chief Commercial Officer.

AARON DRYER, Chief Commercial Officer

Aaron Dryer leads Halcyon’s commercial efforts. Like Denis, Aaron believes the customer is at the center of our company. Being a lawyer, he also oversees and consults the Company’s legal affairs. Aaron also displays an entrepreneurial bent to how he approaches business.

Aaron is also a partner in BBD Ventures which operates D-Terra Solutions, LLC.  Aaron worked as Managing Director at Conwell William Holdings, a venture capital firm, where he led efforts to find and acquire mid-cap companies for investment and turn around opportunities. Before that, he was an accomplished M&A attorney with firm Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, LLP.

Aaron holds a BSBA in accounting from Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business and a Juris Doctor of Law from Case Western Reserve University School of Law.


IAN BLOUNT, Chief Operating Officer

Ian is an experienced supply chain executive. He manages Halcyon lead logistics provider programs creating effective solutions for customers.

Ian has worked in numerous capacities for Archer Daniel Midland, ConAgra Foods, Glory Foods, Inc., and Kahiki Foods. In February 2005, Ian, along with his wife Angela Cauley, co-founded Coalescence, LLC, a custom ingredients, flavors, and supply chain manufacturer for the food, beverage, and health care industries located in Columbus, Ohio.

Ian was born in Pensacola, FL and raised in Williamsville, NY, Ian Y. Blount graduated from The Ohio State University with an undergraduate degree in Agribusiness and Applied Economics in 1994 as well as a Master’s Degree in Agriculture, Communication, Education and Leadership with a minor in Resource Economics in 1996. Ian completed his Ph.D. in 2013 from the John Glenn School of Public Affairs at The Ohio State University.

Ian focuses on minority entrepreneurship and supply chain diversifications; his research also measures the effectiveness of government and non-profit programs in supporting MBEs in their growth as sustainable enterprises.