Halcyon’s primary benefit for clients is our ability to manage all of the key components of the supply chain under our umbrella coverage concept. Through an integrated solution we manage suppliers, vendors, and inventories while simultaneously providing multi-modal transportation service through our preferred provider network.

Halcyon’s deep logistics knowledge and acumen has developed over years of experience while working with the converging supply chains of manufacturers and diverse suppliers in multiple industries.

Halcyon’s packaging and distribution expertise provides a keen understanding of how to ship products efficiently and damage free regardless of transport mode. Employing our supply chain and multi-modal knowledge and experience allows us to move products around the globe avoiding supply chain disruptions through supply chain network and transport mode selection criteria optimization.

Primary Supply Chain Services

1. Supplier and vendor management     2. Mode planning and optimization     3. Bid management services     4. Transportation freight management through control tower methodology     5. Vendor Inventory management at the SKU level (see charts below)     6. Process continuous improvement strategies     7. Reverse logistics and returnable container management     8. Client review program (CRP)


With Ownership


Customer Owned Inventory