Halcyon works with our clients as a lead logistics provider and solutions orchestrator. Halcyon’s “umbrella coverage” concept is designed to provide our clients with the assurance that all aspects of their supply chains is operating at peak efficiency. We look at the supply chain as series of integrated processes that can be fine-tuned to eliminate time and inefficient operations that reduces overall cost and increases speed to market. By outsourcing these internal operational processes, our customers can free up valuable internal resources that can be re-deployed to other high growth areas of their company.

Under our umbrella model, we assist in supplier and vendor selection that focuses on building and optimizing supply chains for peak performance. Our model is designed to reduce supply chain costs in the key areas of transportation, inventory carrying costs, network optimization and capital expenditures. We manage both suppliers and vendors as we knit together an optimized network from sourcing points to delivery points.

Our manufacturing experience makes us empathetic to the issues that can arise in the supply chain. Slowed or stopped production, costly inventory shortages, out of stock headaches, un-optimized networks are just a few of the issues our umbrella of knowledge and experience can help prevent. Our supply chain professionals and strategic network of preferred partners know the most cost effective ways to get product to markets. Our team has over 100 years of combined global experience in supply chain management, transportation and logistics experience. We have expertise and operating experience in all major modes of transportation.

Halcyon’s primary goal is to be a strategic partner who sits with at our clients supply chain strategy table to design solutions that makes sense for them and their customers. A shared vision and shared solution that makes our clients companies more competitive in their space. We have a vested interest in their business success. Our solutions provide outcomes that create a win-win experience for us and our clients.

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